Ocean-Close Yoga at Terranea Resort

Savor a sun salutation while overlooking the Pacific.

NATIONAL YOGA MONTH... has a number of different levels and prisms to it, much like the practice itself. A longtime devotee may vow to perfect a new pose, or at least give it another go, while someone who is new to downward dog may be inclined to try it out for the very first time, thanks to specials popping up at various studios come September. But the month isn't simply about one's own relationship with yoga (though of course that's central). It's about connecting with others who love it, in places that can inspire and bring quiet, reflective repose. Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes is such a place, with its expansive ocean views, and it pauses each year to host a yoga event that attracts around 300 practitioners, people looking for some satisfying stretches, some perfect Pacific breezes, and a way to bid the bustling world adieu for a few hours. It's...

THE SEASIDE YOGA GATHERING, and it takes place upon the 16,000-foot Palos Verdes Meadow (so everyone has a bit of elbow room). There's a Wellness Fair ahead of the Sunday, Oct. 2 to-do, and a chance to savor some "light bites and refreshments." Then at 4:30 p.m., just as the sun starts to say its farewells and deliver that ocean-y afternoon glow, the complimentary class will take its first pose. Ah yes, the class is gratis, so let that wash over you like a straight-off-the-waves breeze. 

TERRANEA RESORT... also has a different Sunday-focused happening afoot, one that expands beyond the first Sunday in October. It's Sunday Funday, and it includes "(f)ood and beverage vouchers to redeem throughout the resort's participating restaurants." (Think a "sunset cocktail" and "poolside snack" and such.) This summery offering is going well beyond the summer season, and heading straight past the middle of December. Details? Get your Sunday Funday information here, end-of-the-weekend-loving revelers.

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