Parents Warned After Razor Blades Found in Playground

Sharp objects were found buried in the sand and wedged in playground equipment at a Victor Valley community park

Parents in Victor Valley are being warned about razor blades and other sharp objects investigators believe were intentionally placed on a playground to injure children.

Double-edged razor blades and bent forks were found buried in sand and hidden in playground equipment Tuesday at a community park at 3rd Street and Meyer Street in Oro Grande.

Park maintenance workers reported the blades, and no children have been injured. The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department’s Victor Valley station issued a statement saying it believes the blades were an isolated incident and that no known threats have been made against children who play at the park.

"My thoughts are that's very dangerous and I'm very concerned for the children who play here every day at this park," said Stephanie Williams, a parent who was at the park Wednesday. "If it was purposely planned to purposely hurt somebody then we really got to worry about the motives of people."

Williams said parents will need to be extra vigilant when visiting the park.

"It's sad but it's true. Parents are going to have to do another job when they come to the park, when they bring their children here," she said.

The department has asked anyone who might have information about who may have placed the objects to come forward.

“We need to protect our children and we need anyone who has information regarding this serious crime to come forward,” Sgt. Jim Evans said in the statement. “We are thankful to park employees for doing a thorough inspection of their facilities and locating these dangerous items before a child was injured.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Deputy Brandon Kirkendall at 760-552-6800.

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