Photo Geeks Marry Instagram to Polaroid

instagram polaroid
ADR Studio

It's only a concept but it's enough to make Facebook feel a little bit better about its recent $1 billion purchase.

A group of photo geeks has developed a camera that combines all the wonders of a Polaroid with the modern convenience of Photoshop filters.

The Instagram Socialmatic Project is the world's first Instagram camera that allows users to not only take a picture and apply Instagram's famous filters, but it also prints those sephia-induced shots on demand.

The camera features a 16 gigabyte hard drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, two main lens, a 4:3 touchscreen, an optical zoom, an LED flash and an internal printer.

But before you get too excited, the idea is just that -- it has not even hit Kickstarter yet.

The designers behind the product say right now it is only a concept but maybe it could become a real product down the line.

For now you can enjoy the pretty pictures of the concept camera along with Facebook's acquisition team.

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