Prop Zero Links: Friday, May 28

If You're Couting: Meg Whitman has plunked down more than $80 million, about $68 million coming out of her deep pockets. [Sacramento Bee]

And With That in Mind...: It seems like there was a time when $20 million -- that's how much Jerry Brown has in cash for the gubernatorial election -- was a lot of money. [SF Gate]

No Electrolytes for You:
A bill to ban sports drinks from schools passes the state Senate. [Mercury News]

The Children Are Our Future: But teachers might not be if they're scared off by layoffs. [The Educated Guess]

Not So Different From Schwarzenegger: The LA Times takes a closer look at the campaigns of Meg Whitman and Steve Poizer and finds their policy proposals have a familiar ring. [LA Times]

Poizner Launches Mac Attack: Steve Poizner recruits Tom McClintock to go after Meg Whitman on immigration. [CalBuzz]


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