Prop Zero Links: Tuesday, July 13

Death Penalty Differences: The candidates' differences on the issue might mean it has political weight this November. [SF Gate]

Governor Suggests Terminating Superintendent's Office:
The governor says it's time to abolish the office of superintendent of public instruction. [California Watch]

Fiorina Questions Fed's AZ Lawsuit:
The Senate candidate says "they ought to be applying that standard consistently and they clearly are not." [OC Register]

Feinstein Takes Side on Prop 19: The Senator backs a campaign to defeat the marijuana legalization measure. [LA Times]

Meanwhile, in Oakland...:
That city is considering a plan that would permit four "industrial-scale medical cannabis" cultivation facilities -- big pot farms. [California Watch]

Assessors Release Property Tax Polls:
On the whole, it looks like good news for homeowners but bad news for local governments that rely on the taxes. [Sacramento Bee]

State Taken to Court Over School Funding:
The lawsuit filed in Alameda County claims California is failing its students. [Bay Citizen]


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