Prop Zero Links: Tuesday, June 1

Only "Somewhat" Supportive of Pot Initiative: Voters support -- well, kind of -- the marijuana initiative that will appear on November's ballot, according to an LA Times/USC poll. [LA Times]

The Problem With "Decline to State:" SFGate's John Diaz says voters should be able to pick and choose among some capable candidates from all parties. Enter, Prop 14. [SF Gate]

English Learners Left Behind: A new report shows that by the time they're out of elementary school, half of English learners still lack basic fluency. [The Educated Guess]

Fine for the Primary...: But how will Meg Whitman's shift to the right to defeat Steve Poizner affect her in the general election? [Calbuzz]

Recession, Budget, Taxes:
You won't hear much about those three issues in ads from the gubernatorial candidates. [Sacramento Bee]

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