Rihanna's 777 Tour Takes on Stockholm!

Singer celebrates her seventh album, Unapologetic

Day three!

Following Rihanna's tour kick-off in Mexico City, the sultry singer pressed on with the celebration of her seventh album, Unapologetic, getting closer to knocking out seven performances in seven countries in seven days.

E! News, along with 200 other journalists, have been along for the ride with the "Diamonds" crooner on her whirlwind world tour, this time accompanying the star to her concert in Sweden.

Rihanna's 777 tour kicks off in Mexico

When we arrived in Stockholm at 3:40 p.m., it was already dark outside! Most people had slept on the plane from Toronto, so it felt like dawn instead of dusk.

Rihanna was scheduled to begin at 9 p.m., but she didn't take the stage until 11:40 p.m.--over two and a half hours late.

"I know I'm a little late so I first want to apologize for all the inconvenience," Rihanna told the crowd. "I want to thank you for being the shit and so patient with me and being still this excited."

"I can't believe I'm back here this quickly. I must apologize. You guys make me feel so special," Rihanna continued, before singing "Only Girl."

Rihanna's 777 tour hits Toronto

The GQ Magazine cover girl stepped on stage wearing white Chanel oversized glasses and a huge gold Chanel chain, and a denim jacket--which she quickly took off because of the heat.

The venue was a gorgeous older building, the classiest of the trip so far. Unlike Mexico City and Toronto, the crowd was a bit older, but they enjoyed Rihanna just as much.

It was packed inside and very warm. Rihanna had to towel off twice, and you could still see her sweating through her shirt. But it didn't faze her at all.

She also definitely wasn't wearing a bra...but that's a different story.

Rihanna went on to perform her new song, "Stay," for only the second time ever live (the first time was on SNL). Before she started the song, she said to the crowd, "This is only my second time performing it so forgive me if I forget the lyrics."

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She sang the slow ballad beautifully, and ended the show on a more upbeat note, with "We Found Love."

After the show, Rihanna joined the journalists and VIPs at the after-party and poured cocktails and shots for people. She was having a great time. Near the end of it, around 4:30 a.m., she took a swig of something and said, "I quit!"

It's baffling how she does all of this every day (and night).

"Stockholm thank you, I love you so much! I think I'm gonna spend the night with you guys!! Paris, I'll see you tomorrow tho #777tour," Rihanna tweeted following the festivities.

Off to the city of love!

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