Sactown Heads Underground

Tickets for the ever-popular Underground Tours will soon go on sale.

Old Sacramento

SUBTERRANEAN CITIES: There are a number of cities around the world with catacombs and beneath-street spaces. A few of them are famously open to visitors -- well, with a guide, what with the dankness and the darkness and all. Paris probably comes to mind, and Cincinnati and Seattle, too. Oh yes, and you, too, Edinburgh. But California has its own popular underground walkabout, and it happens to be nestled below one of our state's most historic districts: Old Sacramento. (Which begs the question: What brave, comically minded soul wants to open the first underground tour of a brand-new, recently built area, and talk of tales that happened five years ago?) We're happy that the oldest slice of our capital has tours that delve literally into the bowels of history; after all, the area saw Pony Express and Gold Rush action, so there are plentiful stories to tell. And the stories are set to start up again, with the coming of warmer, longer days: Old Sacramento Underground Tours begin on Saturday, March 23, and tickets go on sale on Friday, March 1.

HISTORY-FILLED STROLL: Guests on the tour "explore excavated fountains and enclosed pathways." There are also tales told of "California's only successful street-raising project." It's pretty dishy for people who like to know the nuts and bolts of how things came together in the things-coming-together days of our state. A few to-knows: These tours are popular, and that's not an attempt to juice excitement. Tickets go, so if you have your eye on a date book that date in an asap-y fashion. Also? Adults-only tours will start up in April, a few nights a month. "(R)acy tales" are promised on those walks. Please. Sold sold sold. Underground Tours, welcome back. You, too, warmer weather, which permits these subterranean strolls to return. We've missed you, too.

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