Landslide Lifts, Cracks Vasquez Canyon Road Near Santa Clarita

The landslide is lifting a 150-foot stretch of the roadway and causing it to buckle

Vasquez Canyon Road near Santa Clarita remained closed Friday after a landslide lifted and cracked part of the road in northern Los Angeles County.

The landslide is lifting a 150-foot stretch of the roadway, which connects Bouquet Canyon Road and Sierra Highway, and causing it to buckle, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. Cracks continued to expand early Friday as engineers and geologists investigated the cause.

The displaced soil also gathered under power line poles, which leaned over the pavement.

There are no homes or buildings in the area.

Vasquez Canyon Road will be closed until further notice between Lost Creek Road and Vasquez Way. The City of Santa Clarita recommended Sierra Highway as an alternate route.

The area about 40 miles north of downtown Los Angeles is known for its dramatic geologic features. The location is west of the Vasquez Rocks park, a nature area with spectacular rock formations featured in several films, TV shows and commercials.

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