What the ‘Seinfeld' Apartment Would Look Like 29 Years Later

The designers took into account that Jerry Seinfeld was "a neat freak and ardent germaphobe"

It's been 29 years since "Seinfeld" premiered, and while the show may not be on TV anymore, the Jerry's apartment lives on in fans' minds forever.

"Today" teamed up with virtual room design startup Modsy to mock up what the famous hangout would look like in 2018.

"As a neat freak and ardent germaphobe, we knew 2018 Jerry would still want a clean, crisp and comfortable space to call home," said Alessandra Wood, Modsy's director of style.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon take turns delivering some short stand-up routines written by Jerry to determine once and for all who is the better Seinfeld.

The reimaginging also considers what it would look like if Seinfeld's friends took over the lease — check out the renderings at the link below.

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