Sell Your Stuff on Facebook

Facebook is making selling your stuff easier by adding a "Sell" feature to Facebook Groups, according to the social network.

Facebook announced the new feature Tuesday, which will show up in Facebook Groups under "For Sale," one of its most popular groups, according to TechCrunch. The new feature will let users create a post, post a description, set a price and set a pick-up or delivery location.

The new feature isn't reinventing the wheel, but is adding relevant information to posts that may not have necessities such as prices or delivery information. This means less moderation, less comments and a generally more streamlined approach. The sellers will also be able to label their stuff as "Available" or "Sold," which will help users find what they need.

Facebook said to expect seeing a slow rollout of the new features in the next few months.

While it's great that Facebook is making its features easier to use, it still needs to think like a social network. Its Groups such as "For Sale" are what make it an important part of users' lives, but instead of hyping this more or expanding it, Facebook largely ignores it and instead focuses its energies on clunky ads. Instead, Facebook should be strengthening the services that make it important to its users -- such as ways to buy and sell goods. 

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