Hang On – Shane Black Is NOT Writing “Iron Man 3”

We can only assume that "Runaways" is gonna be awesome, cuz the guy who wrote the as yet unmade film has been hired to do the script for the next Iron Man film.

Drew Pearce has been brought in to script "Iron Man 3," reports Deadline. Director Shane Black had originally been thought to be handling those duties, though word is Pearce will be starting from square one and working closely with Black.

Pearce got the job in the strength of his script for "Runaways," based on Brian K. Vaughn's comic book about a group of teen heroes who band together to take down their parents' crime ring. The script was good enough to earn Pearce the "IR3" gig, but "Runaways" is still waiting to happen - weird.

It's pretty clear Black's imprint will be all over "Iron Man 3," but we still find it odd that Pearce has been brought in.

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