Siri the Holiday Horror Movie Shows Why Talking iPhones Are Bad

Apple's Siri is quickly becoming the most loved "personal assistant" ever created. The funny folks over at Rooster Teeth decided to mock Siri's intelligence with a parody called Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie where she's a serial killer.

I laughed really hard when a friend hooked me up with this video. On the one hand, it pokes fun at how people are blindly fascinated by Siri (although talking to her does get stale after a the first few hours). On the other, it reminds us that we can't let artificial intelligence become smarter than us humans, or technology will turn around and kill us! Did Skynet teach us nothing?

Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie is a parody, so it's meant to be taken with a huge chuckle, so don't get all freaked out that Siri's trying to kill you or something. Why would Siri, an assistant that will help you hide a body, ever want to kill you or your friends? It's preposterous!

Via YouTube

(Thanks William!)

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