Blanket Protected Sleeping 3-Year-Old Boy Struck by Bullet

The blanket in which a 3-year-old boy was wrapped likely prevented more serious injuries when a round of fire from outside went through the wall of a Palmdale home, according to investigators

A 3-year-old boy returned home Monday morning from a hospital after he was treated for a gunshot wound suffered when a bullet fired from outside his home struck him in the lower back.

Dylan Hernandez wore a bandage on his lower back, where he was struck by a round that went through the wall of his Palmdale home as he slept in his crib. The boy suffered a large bruise and small burn.

The blanket in which he was wrapped likely prevented more serious injuries, according to investigators. Family members displayed the blanket Monday outside their home, showing what appeared to be a bullet hole in the fabric.

The boy's father, through an interpreter, said Monday that he is thankful his son is at home in good condition. The family, including three children, have lived at the home for about four years.

"It's something that's just mind-blowing," said friend Mario Morones. "They're humble. They're in church four days out of the week. They raise their kids very well. It's something they never expected to happen."

Another round was found in his parents' mattress, investigators said.

"The baby's doing great," Morones said. "He's home. He's laughing and giggling. He's back to being his normal self."

Three to five rounds were fired at about 10 p.m. Sunday in the 38000 block of 65th Street East. No arrests have been reported.

Investigators said they have not determined what led to the gunfire.

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