Snooki's Looking For a New Kind of Guy

"Jersey Shore" star tells Ellen she's done with "gorillas"

Brace yourself, Brooklyn: Snooki's on her way and on the prowl.

The "Jersey Shore" star and several of her cast mates appear on a taped segment of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that airs today, where she said she is done with "gorillas" and "juiceheads" and on the lookout for a "business guy."

"I think I want to move forward," the pint-sized reality star told Ellen. "I want to move Brooklyn and find a business Italian guy to take care of me."

"They’re in Brooklyn?" Ellen asked.

"I believe so," Snooki replied.

Snooki appeared with co-stars Pauly D, The Situation, JWwow, Ronnie, Sammy and Vinny. And at least one co-star has her back when it comes to finding the right guy.

"You know what I’m going to do from now on?" Pauly D. said. "She is like my sister, so whatever guy wants to date Snooki from now on, I’m going to screen them. So for all you guys out there if you want to date Snooki you got to see me first and if you’re right for her then you can date her."

Pressed by Ellen, Pauly D. said Snooki needs "not strictly a business guy and not strictly a juicehead but in-between."

"I’m thinking Usher," offered Snooki.

While most of the discussion centers on Snooki's quest for Mr. Right, the cast also griped about being judged harshly.

"We get crazy things like criticism and stuff," Vinny said. "One time we were in a bar and a guy walked by and said you are everything that’s wrong with this country today. I was taken back by that. There’s the economy, poverty, equal rights, and “Jersey Shore “ is the worst thing that’s wrong. I think the “Jersey Shore” is awesome, it’s fun, and it’s entertaining."

And Snooki said there's a depth to the cast that viewers of the MTV reality show have never seen.

"I think no one knows how we really are," she said. "We have like different sides. Obviously you see us on the show we party, we do this, and we do that. But outside of the show we’re very quiet. Like me, I’ll go to frickin “Barnes & Nobles” get a coffee and just sit down and read. No one would ever think that."

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