Storm Watch: Lindsay Lohan Renames Hurricane Sandy “Sassy”; Snooki, Kim Kardashian and More Tweet

RuPaul, Bette Midler, Andy Cohen, Bethenny Frankel and other celebs show mix of concern and humor about inclement weather.

The East Coast is bracing for Hurricane Sandy--and yes, that includes celebrities.

President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency for New York and surrounding areas, but Lindsay Lohan saw no real reason for concern.

"WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..?" she tweeted. "Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace."

LiLo then proceeded to nickname the approaching storm "Hurricane Sassy."

Lindsay's publicist quits

RuPaul also had some humor about the situation, tweeting: "FrankenStorm NYC: People in very long line at grocery store are drunk on hysteria. I decided to buy chocolate at deli instead."

When one snarky tweeter suggested that the storm "made a turn for the South Jersey Shore heading directly for @snooki" and wondered, "how can this NOT be a sign from God?," Snooki herself replied, "Lol u wish."

The "Jersey Shore" starlet wrote that she was preparing for "Lorenzo's first storm! Holding him tight." The new mom also said she was "Waiting for the storm" and having a "slumber party with my boys."

Snooki is loving being a mom

Bravo's Andy Cohen opted to prepare for the storm in New York City by "revisiting" pals in Dillon, Texas. He tweeted Sunday, "In preparation for #Sandy I am downloading 10 more episodes of #FridayNightLights"

Bethenny Frankel admitted she was "nervous" about the storm, tweeting: "People say sandy is worse than Irene. We're on the water in the hamptons &near it in the city. Both will be evacuated...Everyone be safe rather than stupid. We're figuring out where we're going to stay."

Bette Midler tweeted that she was "baking macaroons for the duration [of Sandy]. Hope it's over before Hulaween!!!"

We do, too! Sandy's already disrupted her fair share of events, causing cancellations on Broadway and numerous productions in the area to shut down.

Stacy Keibler hosted a Halloween bash in Las Vegas

Kim Kardashian, who hosted Midori Green's Halloween party Saturday night in New York City, made her way south before the storm hit.

"Back in Miami now," she tweeted. "Missed the storm. I'm praying for everyone on the East Coast. I hope everyone is safe!"

Ditto. Everyone, please stay safe during Hurricane Sandy.

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