Assembly Dems Aren’t Almost Famous, And They Can’t Sing


Did you ever see the Cameron Crowe film about a 1970s band, Almost Famous? There's a scene in which the entire band, while traveling on a bus during a tour of the country, start singing Elton John's "Tiny Dancer."

It worked in the movie. It did not work as well when California Assembly Democrats tried to recreate it in the above video. These folks need to keep their day jobs, until the term limits kick in.

What does this video tell us? Well, it's almost enough to make this observer reconsider his support for replacing the 2/3 vote for raising taxes and fees with a majority vote.

One other telling thing: while there are only 80 California Assembly members in a state of 38 million, no one knows who they are. (The only member in this video who might be at all recognizable to the average Californian is Assembly Speaker John Perez). That's another sign that California needs a new election system that produces real competition throughout the state. We don't know who we're voting for right now because it doesn't matter.

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