Tom Campbell's Troubles: Money and Time

U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Campbell is right where he wants to be. With a week until the primary, a Los Angeles Times/USC poll shows that for the first time, a Republican can beat incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer. That Republican isn't Carly Fiorina. It's not Chuck Devore.  The poll says they'd lose to Boxer.  It's Campbell. 

Campbell leads Boxer 45 percent to 38 percent, according to the poll.

One problem: The same poll says he's not likely to win the Republican nomination.  Fiorina has a 15 point lead over Campbell, and now time is just as big an enemy for Campbell as Fiorina and her money.

For the past two days, Campbell has been e-mailing his supporters that he needs to raise money quickly to compete during the last week of the primary campaign. He complains that his campaign out-raised Fiorina's during the last filing period -- until Fiorina gave herself nearly $2 million more of her own money.

"Sadly, this money appears to be going to one thing: ensuring the re-election of Senator Barbara Boxer," one of Campbell's e-mails said.

Campbell's slogan is this: Stand with me today and we will win, not just in June, but in November too.

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