What is Voluntourism? 1 in 4 Americans Plan to Use Vacation Time to Give Back

As the summer travel season takes off more Americans are planning to use their vacation time to give back. 

A recent Travelocity survey found one in four travelers intend to volunteer while traveling this season, a rise in what's known as "voluntourism," NBC News reports.

Travelers use leisure time to pick up trash, serve meals or build shelter for those in need.

More non-profits are partnering with travel companies for volunteer opportunities, including Travelocity's "Travel For Good" program.

"You can look at your destination and see what volunteer options there are, it can be as simple as a one hour stop," explains Travelocity's Victoria Cagliero.

Experts say donating your time to benefit a good cause can also benefit your well being.

"There's obviously a feeling of accomplishment," says volunteer and community health specialist Revathi Truong. "You're learning new skill sets, you're giving back to the community."

If you're considering donating your time, be aware there are scams that take advantage of good intentions.

Check out the organization on a site like Charity Watch before volunteering or donating.

Read more on the Travelocity survey here. 

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