Try On Google Glass for $50

Tech company requiring deposit before it will let users try on a pair of Glass frames

Getty Images

Google will let users  try on a pair of Glass frames, as longs as they pay a $50 deposit, according to reports.

9to5Google spotted that Google is allowing people to order a kit of frame styles in four colors before deciding which frame they would like to order. According to the Google documents, interested buyers would receive non-functioning Glass in charcoal, tangerine, shale and sky and frames from its new Titanium Collection.

After ordering the kit to try on, Google will charge a $50 deposit on a credit card. Apparently this is a kind of insurance that they will get the kit back in 10 days. (Does this means if someone doesn't send it back, $50 is the price of doing business?)

The new strategy is similar to eyeglass company Warby Parker, which also sends potential customers five pairs to try on before they make a purchase, according to VentureBeat.

Glass has gotten some bad press lately, with some San Francisco activists treating the wearable devices as a symbols of the technical class and tearing them from wearers' faces. Perhaps Google is trying to calm the situation by portraying Glass as simply another accessory, not a gadget fraught with entitlement.

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