Va. Libraries Vow to Stop Throwing Away Books

After more than 250,000 unwanted books were trashed by Fairfax County, hundreds of Virginians gathered Wednesday, asking libraries to halt the seemingly wasteful act.

A fired-up crowd gathered at George Mason Library in Annandale, Va., some carrying protest signs, expressing outrage at the county for allowing the tossing of thousands of "unwanted" books, found inside a dumpster.

The move was all part of a cost-cutting attempt, which also called for lowering education requirements and salaries for library staff.

"Many people feel that because of the internet, anyone can research anything. You need a librarian to guide you through these databases and you need someone who's qualified," former college professor Mary Zimmerman told Washington's News4.

After Wednesday's Fairfax County Public Library Board of Trustees meeting, the board decided send the entire "cost-cutting" plan back to the drawing board.

The board vowed to donate or sell any unwanted books in the future.

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