Want Google Glass? Sign Up for Google Music All Access

Getty Images

For those wanting Google Glass, they may have to sign up for Google Music All Access before getting an email to join their Google Glass Explorer club, according to reports.

Google Music All Access users reported receiving an email inviting them to sign up for the Explorer beta program, and if selected they can pay around $1,500 to test the wearable computer, Gizmodo reported. Google recently released the music app for Google Glass, which may explain why it wants to capture those users (especially when they have to spring for $85 earbuds.)

For those longing for an invite, this gives them an opportunity, but they better move quickly before the product sells out.

The email and the widening of its initial rollout means that Google is still ironing out glitches and bugs for its mainstream debut -- but those are becoming smaller and less often. Gizmodo calls this more confidence in the product, but we think that Google has always had confidence in the product -- it likely didn't have as much product in stock until now.

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