Want to Feel Old? A Tribute to Indiana Jones’ 30th Anniversary

Indiana Jones

The guys over at JoBlo have reminded us of something we've been trying not to think about: We first met Indiana Jones 30 years ago.

What began as idle conversation on a Hawaiian beach between a young George Lucas (who fled the mainland because he feared his just-released film "Star Wars" was going to be a bomb) and a young Steven Spielberg (who, we presume, just felt like going to Hawaii. What? You have a problem with that?), finally hit theaters in June of 1981.

Harrison Ford was almost 40 then. Any wonder they had to film 90% of "Crystal Skull" in his backyard? 

But enough of that. JoBlo has crafted this neat little tribute video to Indy's cinematic adventures.


Not bad. Although we still dig this fan-made trailer from back in 2001 for what would have been the 20th anniversary of "Raiders." The beats, the music, the kicker. Well done, "Darth Shockwave."

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