Watery Wonderful: Newport Dunes Lighting

The Pacific-pretty scene is a California classic.

HOW DO WE LIKE OUR TREES? As least the trees we stand in our dens and living rooms each December and proceed to cover with tinsel and cranberry and popcorn? The question is one with many answers, for each person likes their Christmas tree to look a bit different, according to taste and fashion and tradition. But an element that has made a strong showing in recent years, where our Christmas trees are concerned, is H2O (and we're not just talking about the water at the tree's base). Ocean-themed ornaments, and those little bubbly lights, make a strong showing on many trees and wreaths nowadays. But for the strongest tree-water connection, one that that takes the theme to a new level of sparkle, best make for Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort where a host of bright firs will be placed around the bay. True, the sparklers aren't actual trees, being made from bulbs, but they pay homage to the shape and spirit of the Christmas tree through light, color, and beauty. Nov. 25 is opening night for...

LIGHTING OF THE BAY, and several festive doings will go down, from a few choral performances to the flipping of the switch to a Grinchly screening adjacent to the water. But if you can't make it to the day-after-Thanksgiving switch-flipping (a day that traditionally sees the start of several lights-oriented happenings around California), know that the Dunes-pretty trees will glimmer nightly out on the bay through the first week in January. Consider the last time you saw a boat covered in lights and how the waves below became a reflective mirror. Now picture a number of light trees, all out on the surface of the water, creating the same ethereal effect. It's pretty stuff, and further strengthens our love of incorporating water elements with our yuletide celebrations.

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