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Wild, Wild West: Pink's Husband Carey Hart Threatens to Shoot Looters

Hart and his family are among the 265,000 residents who have been evacuated from their homes in Los Angeles and Ventura counties

With wildfires burning their way through California, some have turned to the state’s cowboy roots to protect themselves.

The Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties has burned over 83,000 acres and is only 10% contained.

Carey Hart, a former motorcross star married to singer Pink, allied with people threatening to shoot looters targeting the towns affected by the wildfires. Hart said it was “unfortunate that some people take advantage of others in a crisis." 

“There have been sightings of looters breaking into homes,” Hart wrote in the caption of a Tuesday Instagram post. “Well, if you are a looter, think twice if you are heading back into Malibu.”

Hart followed the comments with the #DefendYourLand and #2amendment.

At least 75,000 homes and about 265,000 residents, including many celebrities, have been evacuated in Los Angeles and Ventura counties as the Woolsey Fire sweeps Southern California. Woolsey Fire has claimed three lives, and the Camp Fire, burning through Northern California, has claimed 48 lives.

The photo Hart shared in the post has been raising eyebrows.

In the black-and-white photo, 12 men wearing masks and sunglasses tote rifles and handguns while posing in the street. In front of them is a sign that reads “Looters will be shot on site!” and is signed the “P.D.C. Posse.”

It’s unknown if Hart is present in the photo.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement Sunday, Nov. 11, detailing the steps it’s taking to prevent looting in the areas of Southern California affected by the Woolsey Fire.

“We have experienced some looting activity during the past two days,” the statement said. “People found in areas where they do not belong will be contacted by law enforcement and may be arrested.”

The statement also said there are 75 law enforcement officers patrolling the southeastern section of Ventura County. It also called on resident to “be vigilant” and call the police if they witness suspicious or illegal activity.

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