Celebration of the Pig

Call it the Iron Chef of the California coast. L'Auberge Carmel is offering La Maialata III at Cantinetta Luca.

Chef Jason Balestrieri is cooking up a special menu for A Celebration of the Whole Pig on Friday, December 10, 2010. This is way beyond chocolate covered bacon.

For starters, there's the Bruschetta with pork liver, caramelized onions and balsamic vinegar or the Minestra di Cipollata - Tuscan onion soup, smoked ham and Parmesan cheese.

If the pizza entrees don't sound appetizing, perhaps the Wild Boar Ragu gnocchi will tempt you.

Call (831) 624-8578 for reservation and rates.

If you'd like to try a little experiment with pork in your own home, check out Sunset magazine's 23 irresistible recipes with bacon.

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