Would You Wear an Apple Watch?

Rumors abound that Apple may be working on a smartphone that can be strapped to a person's wrist

Piper Jaffray analyst and Apple enthusiast Gene Munster is saying that Apple will come out with a wearable computer that can be sported on one's wrist in the next year.

The speculation was rabid over the New Year's holiday because it would mean a new device, new revenue and possibly new technology, according to Fortune. 

Munster said the "wearable computer" was a significant tech trend, as seen by the buzz about Google's Project Glass, glasses that allows users to stay online and use voice-activated software.

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These wearable devices will make the smartphone or tablet obsolete, because long-lasting batteries, cheaper components and tiny circuitry make these things finally a reality.
The weird part? Munster thinks that women won't like them because the watches are too big.
"It is less likely women will embrace them given women's watches tend to be smaller with a greater emphasis on fashion," he wrote. 
Doesn't Munster know that so few young people wear watches nowadays that the comment would make no sense to the average 20-year-old who views a wristwatch as similar to a rotary phone?
The idea of the computer wristwatch has been around for a while and hasn't really caught on. It could take a company like Apple to really galvanize demand, or it might prove to be a bad idea.
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