Xbox Now Informs If Other Players Think You’re a Jerk

APTOPIX Microsoft Xbox

The vast majority of users on Xbox One are considered "good" according to Microsoft, but others can be considered "Needs Work" or get the label "Avoid Me" -- and they're getting warnings starting this month.

Microsoft plans to start notifying Xbox One users of these labels: the green "Good", the yellowish "Needs Work" and the red "Avoid Me" -- that have been placed upon them by other players, according to the Xbox Wire blog. It's all about creating a more friendly environment for all, it says.

The post is very clear about saying this isn't all about slapping hands and shaming, but about matching people with the right players. (Xbox is very clear that the policy can't be used by vindictive gamers who want to hurt better-skilled players, nor is the algorithm based on a few weeks' activity.) Besides, does anyone really want to play a game, virtually or in real life, with a jerkface?

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