Yahoo TV (Wait for It…) Gets It Right


Google, Apple and Microsoft -- and Boxee and Roku -- are all in a crowd, trying to decipher and conquer the television experience.

Business Insider astutely points out that, perhaps, this is an experience that is just fine as it is.

Nonetheless, according to ReadWriteWeb, one more Silicon Valley company is primed to move into the fray: Yahoo. And Yahoo could use an uptick in headlines, given that recent ones have been more about strategy, guidance, purpose and job cuts.

Yahoo Connected TV, shown at CES, is an overlay that enhances the viewing experience. It's opt-in, which is the smartest (only?) way to engage viewers.

ReadWriteWeb's first-hand take: "Watching a boxing match? Cast a vote in an online poll on who's going to stay upright and who's hitting the mat. Checking out the shopping channel? Purchase items directly from the comfort of your sofa without pulling out the laptop. Yahoo Connected TV is about to change how we think of Internet TV forever... but is it edgy enough to really lead the pack?"

It's a passive combination of social networking, polling and commerce. Things we do all day at work, anyway.

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