Jason Kandel

Nearly 200 Homeless Camps Found on 58 Parcels in LA City, Task Force Finds

Some 32 percent of areas designated "very-high risk" for fire in the city showed evidence of homeless encampments - 191 camps on 58 parcels of land, a task force found.

The task force was created by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, police, fire and other authorities after the Skirball Fire burned 400 acres and destroyed six homes in December.

The next step is to notify property owners, which could include the city, state or homeowners. If you receive a letter that says one of these encampments was found, here's what you can do:

  • If you don't know the person on the property, you can call your local police station.
  • A homeowner can also go to a local station and fill out the "Trespass Authorization Form" that goes to the local police department.
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