No More Mulholland Madness

The roller coaster will shut down on Tuesday

Flickr: Loren Javier

Visitors have until the close of the park on Monday to enjoy a last ride on the Mulholland Madness roller coaster at Disney’s California Adventure.  The coaster will be closed on Tuesday for a makeover, reported the OC Register.

The ride will get a new look and name when it opens again next year.  Goofy’s Sky School will be based on the 1940s cartoon “Goofy’s Glider,” which featured Goofy attempting to teach amateur pilots how to fly.

According to the OC Register, the renovation will be part of a $1-billion renovation project going on at the theme park.  Disney plans to build brand new rides as well as replace older ones.

Disney has already redone the Orange Stinger into the Silly Symphony Swings, and in May of last year, construction crews replaced a Sun on the Ferris wheel with a large Mickey Mouse face, effectively turning the ride into Mickey’s Fun Wheel. 

All the renovations are intended to help with the new theme of the park, which is designed to make it look like California when Walt Disney first arrived. 

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