Santacon Is Coming to Town

Every year about this time, the streets of New York City run red – with drunken Santas.
For several years now, in cities across the country, dozens of booze-hungry folks have donned their Santa gear and embarked on the epic bar crawl known as Santacon.
On Saturday at 10:00 a.m., Santas will assemble in New York City – the location is kept secret until 12 hours beforehand -- for "a frantic 15 to 48 hour life cycle, gorging on booze, fornicating, and spreading an overwhelming stench of cheer."
All are welcome and the rules are simple. Proper apparel is mandatory, and you must maintain an appropriately Santa-like jollity and eschew press coverage.
Perhaps the most important rule is Santa doesn't get arrested. To that end, participants are told to not mess with kids, cops, security or Santa.

Be careful out there.

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