Palmdale Silences Musical Road

The lone musical road in the United States, located near Palmdale, has been silenced.

While its tune delighted motorists, residents living nearby have grown weary of the noise and convinced local leaders to pave over the road.

Music is created as a vehicle's tires pass over grooves that were originally carved in the road's asphalt surface for a Honda commercial.

To motorists cruising along at 55 mph, the hum resulting from their tires against the perfectly spaced cuts sounds exactly like the "William Tell Overture."

"Oh it's great! I was with my family. We all had these big grins on our faces. We (drove back and forth) like three times," said motorist Charlie Childs.

"I've had many sleepless nights," because of the musical road, said Debra White Hayes, whose home sits nearby.

"I don't understand them," Elizabeth Montano, a fan of the musical road, said. "If anything, they can get over it."

David Smith, a fan of the musical road, said local politicians "haven't been out here to see the smiles it puts on other people's faces."

The neighbor living closest to the road, David Gilroy, said he is more impacted by the music than anyone, but he did not want the grooves paved over.

"If anybody should be upset (about the noise) it should be me. I'm the closest, they turn around in my driveway," Gilroy said. "(But) I think it's unique. It's history."

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