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‘Enjoy the Pie': SoCal Police Department Hands Out Pumpkin Pies Ahead of Thanksgiving

The Irvine Police Department set up a "pumpkin pie checkpoint" to deliver the pies

Imagine rolling up to a police checkpoint, but instead of receiving a ticket from the officer, he or she hands you a pumpkin pie. That's the scenario that played out for some lucky drivers in Southern California on Tuesday.

The Irvine Police Department handed out pumpkin pies ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday to unsuspecting community members.

Video posted to the department's Twitter account shows a "pumpkin pie checkpoint." Officer Smith walks up to the car and the woman behind the wheel asks, "License?"

Smith assures the woman he doesn't want to see her license.

"No, no. I wanted to offer you this pie for your Thanksgiving dinner for your family … you have a nice holiday!"

Officers also handed out pies to families at the park and workers at the school district and hospital. In the true spirit of giving, the pie giveaways continued all day. 

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