Southern California Sees Dramatic Surge in Police Pursuits Since Last Year

In the last 72 hours alone, Los Angeles County has seen seven police pursuits, creating a surge in chases since last year.

"Every time I see a police chase on the news, I think of the families that are affected by it and how I felt when I was affected by it," Lucas Aragon, whose sister was killed during a pursuit, said.

The recent spike not only has some Southern California residents concerned about safety, but also the Los Angeles Police Department, who have been tracking the pursuits.

Police have recorded 632 pursuits so far in 2017, 113 more than 2016. Due to the surge in chases, the LAPD has been brainstorming ways to keep bystanders and motorists safe from these dangerous encounters.

"Every time I turn around, there is another police chase," Aragon said. "It’s really upsetting to see that it happens on a regular basis."

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