Police Shoot Father Holding Child at Knifepoint in Whittier

Police shot a man as he held his seven-year-old child at knifepoint in Whittier on Monday.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department deployed homicide detectives to investigate the shooting that required the shooting victim to receive CPR at the scene and take an airlift to the hospital before being pronounced dead.

The suspect allegedly held his seven-year-old child at knifepoint, while his four-year-old son was in the car. The trouble started after the estranged couple was expected to make a child custody exchange at the Whittier Police Department about a mile away from where the man was shot.

Something went wrong at the exchange, and the man got upset and allegedly abducted the mother and forced her into a vehicle with the two young children. A mile away from the station, a witness told NBC4 that the car stopped in the middle of the street and the woman jumped out and ran away fron the vehicle.

At that point, the man failed to calm down and decided to pull out a knife and hold it to his child's throat. Police shot the man, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital soon after.

The mother and two children were not phyically injured.

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