Newport Beach

Police Warn of Prolific Pick Pocket Targeting Women in Newport Beach

Police put out a warning Friday night about a prolific pick pocket targeting women in Newport Beach.

Security video shows the man walking into a restaurant. He doesn't order anything. He sits right by the victim who is engaged in conversation, her purse hanging behind her.

"I could have kept it in my lap," said the victim Jo Garrett. "I could have zipped it. Why didn't I zip my purse."

Garrett is one of many victims of a man who detectives believe is targeting unsuspecting diners and shoppers. The man drapes his jacket over his chair, inches from Garrett.

Then he waits for his opportunity when everyone is focused on their food arriving. In less than 20 seconds, he has Garret's wallet. Within an hour, police say he's at nearby South Coast Plaza.

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