Booze Your Candidate to the White House

LOS ANGELES -- Forget the cramped -- and booze-free -- confines of the voting booth.

Southlanders looking for a more intoxicating way to express their presidential preference can visit the area's three Barney's Beanery locations, where a weeklong "election" began Tuesday to determine via beer sales who should be the next leader of the free world.

The eatery/drinkery's "Rock the Beer Vote" encourages patrons to make their choice for president between now and election day by ordering suds from beer taps adorned with the faces of candidates John McCain, Barack Obama and Ralph Nader.

McCain's mug is affixed to a Bud Light tap, while Obama's head is on a Stella Artois spigot. Nader is on a Dos Equis tap.

Bartenders at the Barney's locations in West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Pasadena will keep a running tally of the beer vote, which will be visible on electronic screens, so patrons can keep tabs on which candidate is favored among brew drinkers.

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