Hey, Remember That Time Bratton Said There Would Be a Terrorist Attack?

If you're going to be wrong about something, do us a favor and be wrong about predicting a terror attack.

So, thank you Chief William Bratton for being wrong -- about a terrorist attack.

In October, the LAPD top dog wrote an opinion piece in the New York Daily News warning of a possible al-Qaeda attack just before the presidential election.

"Preparations to prevent car- or truck-borne bombs should be enhanced and searches of building entrants should be increased, and such searches should be random or based on behavioral recognition," the article said.

"Put simply: (Osama) Bin Laden probably realizes it could become markedly more difficult to paint the United States as the 'Great Satan' with a new president who is admired internationally," the article said.

"The remaining 14 days before the elections should be seen as a time of high threat, and state and local police should be on high alert. With so much at stake in these elections, Bin Laden will probably attempt to make his opinion count."

There was speculation the piece was part of a play for a Homeland Security or FBI position.

New York Daily News: Osama Bin Laden wants a vote, so beware a late October suprise

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