Shriver Parts With Her Husband On Gay Marriage

California's First Lady Says Same-Sex Marriage Should be Legal

California's first lady Maria Shriver weighed in this weekend on controversial Proposition 8, the California measure that would ban gay marriage.

In an interview with NBC Los Angeles, Shriver said she believes in peoples' right to choose a partner who they love, and that she has felt that way for a long time.

While Shriver has made her opinion clear on peoples' right to same-sex marriage, her husband, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was less definite, when he sat down with NBC Bay Area.

The governor said he "doesn't have a problem with gay marriage."

However, Schwarzenegger said he still stands by previous statements he has made in which he said he opposed gay marriage.

Meanwhile at least 64,000 people from all 50 states and more than 20 foreign countries have given money to support or oppose a same-sex marriage ban in California.

An Associated Press analysis of campaign finance records shows that total contributions for and against Proposition 8 have surpassed $60 million ten days before the vote.

Campaign finance experts say that would be a record nationally for a ballot initiative based on a social rather than economic issue.

It also eclipses the combined total of $33 million spent in the 24 states where similar measures have been put to voters since 2004.

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