Family Discovers Rattlesnake Hiding Inside Child's Tricycle

A Chino Hills family is warning others to be extra vigilant after they discovered a rattlesnake curled up inside the wheel of a tricycle last weekend.

Josephine Taylor, along with her sister, was watching her grandchildren play in the play area in the backyard of her Chino Hills home on Saturday when they made the shocking discovery.

Her 18-month-old granddaughter was getting on and off the tricycle when her sister decided to move it away from the concrete walkway. When she picked it up, the rattle went off and one of the children, Eden, yelled "Rattlesnake!"

"It could have been the worst day of my life," Taylor said. 

She immediately moved the children to the other side of the yard to safety.

"It was very scary," Taylor said. "Probably even more scary in retrospect when I think of the baby getting on and off the bike, her little leg probably a few inches away."

Her grandson, Jackson, said he heard the snake hissing.

"I see it...and I know to get away!" he said. "To kick dust and get out very fast!"

Taylor said she lives in an area where all kinds of wildlife -- including snakes, bobcats and coyotes -- roam. 

"There's been more this year than ever before," she said. "We have constantly told (the children) they can't step outside without an adult (because of the animals."

The snake has since been seized by authorities. Now, she's taking extra precautions and is warning other families to be extra careful this time of year.

"It could've been a very bad day for us," Taylor said.

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