‘Resilient' 2-Legged Pup Named Nimby Needs a New Home

The rescue group helping Nimby says he has a custom-made wheelchair, but often loves to just move around on his own "like a little kangaroo"

A "resilient" two-legged pup whose former owners got rid of him because he looked "different" is looking for a new fur-ever family.

Nimby, named by The Fuzzy Pet Foundation rescue group for his nimble back legs, is a 10-month old white Jack Russell/terrier mix who has adjusted to life just fine without his front legs.

"He teaches us that the only disability in life is a bad attitude," said Sheila Choi, founder and CEO of The Fuzzy Pet Foundation, based in Santa Monica.

Nimby was born into a litter of puppies that a family was breeding in their backyard. They didn't want him because they said he was handicapped and looked different, Choi said on Tuesday.

The rescue group got Nimby when he was 6 or 7 months old, and waited to search for a new home until his bones could grow a bit more. Now, 10-month-old Nimby not only has a clean bill of health, he also has a custom-designed wheelchair to scoot around.

"We've been training him to use his wheelchair, but he actually prefers to move right around without his wheelchair, and hops around like little kangaroo," Choi said. "He acts and wants to be treated like a normal dog. We're trying to find him really nice home, a special home that will understand his needs."

Nimby is only 10 pounds, and would do best in a home with owners who can be hands-on — a home preferably without small toddlers or senior citizens who could step on or trip over him. While Jack Russells tend to be very hyper and high-strung, Nimby is a terrier mix and acts very mellow and calm.

"He is mellow, and very observant. He loves leaves and foliage outside. When you throw leaves, he follows the leaf, and jumps around trying to get it," Choi said. "He has no aggression at all ... He loves other dogs, and doesn't mind cats at all. He is so well-behaved."

Veterinarians do not foresee any medical complications, and they do not expect him to need any surgeries or procedures, Choi said. He has been vaccinated and neutered, and "doesn't have any kind of special needs at this point."

Because he was born without his front legs, he may have back issues when he is an older dog, but vets say Nimby is "a healthy, happy little dog."

Nimby is currently in a foster home, and will be at an adoption fair on Oct. 3 at the Huntington Beach Whole Foods Market located at 7881 Edinger Ave.

Anyone interested in adopting Nimby right now can make inquiries to the Fuzzy Pet Foundation by emailing info@tfpf.org. Donations toward Nimby's care can be made online at www.tfpf.org.

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