Red Cross

Ridgecrest Residents Take Shelter at Red Cross Center

Over 100 people stayed at the American Red Cross community shelter in Ridgecrest after two major earthquakes that hit the area a couple of days ago left them feeling unsafe to go home.

Many families spent the night there and even feared being inside the shelter, setting up their blankets and chairs outside.

The earthquakes and countless aftershocks have left these families worried for their safety.

Other families have decided to stay inside their cars instead of on the ground or inside the center.

"If it moves it feels like if it's one of us moving or the wind moving, compared to being inside, if it shakes we will feel it automatically," said Katherine Martinez who is staying with her family inside their car at the Red Cross shelter. "And knowing the fact that there's a lot of people here, if it does shake big by the time we get out something can happen to one of our family members or someone inside."

There are about 26 campers at the community center, according to the Red Cross.

Chairs, blankets and tents can be seen around the center where families plan to stay for at least a couple of days.

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