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Rock ‘n' Roll Nuns to Bring Heart-Pounding Jams to OC

Siervas is a band composed of 11 nuns who will be making their English-language debut at Christ Fest 2017

A group of nuns is putting to bed any preconceived notions of silent piety by using heart-pounding anthems to deliver the word of the Lord.

Siervas is a globe-trotting band composed of 11 nuns whose goal is to reach the youth as they bring crowds to their feet and make them jump up and down to a fusion of classical and modern music.

"We've received comments from both believers and non-believers, who say, 'Sisters, this is great music, what a great message," said Dayana Cobos, one of the group's five main vocalists.

The band formed three years ago when, as chance would have it, various nuns with musical backgrounds ended up living together. Individually, they'd already been working on music, but they decided to pool their efforts and come together as a band, said fellow vocalist Monica Nobl.

The band is based in Peru and its members come from eight different countries - Argentina, Chile, China, Ecuador, Peru, Japan, the Philippines and - but they're taking the stage in California on Saturday, Sept. 9 as part of the lineup for Christ Fest 2017.

There, at the Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, they'll be making their English-language debut. "We're very grateful about the opportunity of being here," Nobl said. "We want to give a message of hope to everyone, especially to those who suffer."

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