Police Seek Roto-Rooter Van Thief

A man was also caught on camera checking car doors during early morning hours

A Roto-Rooter van stolen twice from a Rialto resident was stripped of all its heavy equipment and abandoned in front of a residence equipped with surveillance cameras.

Police initially warned that the van might be involved in other crimes in the Las Colinas neighborhood, but said in a statement Friday that the vehicle "was not involved in any other crimes."

The van (pictured below) was spotted being followed by another van, according to a release by the Rialto Police Department.

Investigators said the van has been stolen from a resident in the Los Colinas area on two separate occasions. The van was stripped of all its equipment and abandoned.

A man was also caught on camera walking through Rialto and checking car doors in the early morning hours, police said.

A detailed description of the subject was not available. The Rialto Police Department is asking people to be vigilant in reporting any suspicious activity by calling 909-820-2550.

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