Sage Cleansing Causes Fire in Costa Mesa Home

Over 25 firefighters responded to a condominium complex fire Tuesday after a sage cleansing sparked flames in a Costa Mesa residence.

The Costa Mesa Fire Department responded to a call from the 300 block of Avocado Street at approximately 9:40 p.m., according to officials.

Five people were displaced when the fire occurred, with three of those people being in the unit that caused the flames. The other two people were in an adjacent unit.

Fire officials were able to contain the flames within 30 minutes and no injuries were reported.

According to the complex's president, the resident was, "doing something they weren't supposed to be doing."

Although initial reports states the fire was caused by the sage cleansing, authorities will still investigate the cause of the flames. They interviewed the resident who was burning the sage.

No arrests have been made.

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