Man Accused of Molesting Children in Santa Ana Laundromat

He allegedly put his hands on the child and said, 'Can I have her?' to the mother, police said.

What to Know

  • The man, caught on camera, was accused of trying to touch children even when their parents were nearby.
  • The laundromat is located at 2429 McFadden.
  • Police think there may be more victims.

A Santa Ana man was accused of assaulting girls in a laundromat and trying to kidnap them, authorities said Tuesday, and police fear he may have struck in other areas.

Alan Alberto Flores, 28, was arrested Monday on suspicion of annoying and molesting children, intimately touching against one's will and kidnapping at the laundromat located at 2429 McFadden, Santa Ana police said.

"It's pretty scary but it's super important parents always have their kids by their side,"ssaid Brenda Chopin, a customer.

In this case, the victims' parents were by their side, but police say that did not stop Flores.

"He puts his hands on the child and says, 'Can I have her?' to the mother, and obviously the mother's reaction," said Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna. "He comes back a second time and does the same thing."

On the surveillance footage, a witness is seen in a grey shirt shoving Flores, who then leaves the laundromat. But once outside, he slaps the rear ends of two young girls.

A customer said it's happened in other places, which is why police want to get the word out: so other potential victims to come forward, and for parents to always be alert.

"There's a lot of kids every time I come here. Sometimes I don't see their mothers," Chopin said.

Bertagna said it's that "split second where your child gets away from you" that makes all the difference in cases like these.

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