Pregnant Woman Chases Down Would-Be Robber

A woman who was eight months pregnant chased down a man who tried to rob her in a convenience store in Santa Clarita in a caught-on-camera confrontation.

Jannette Garlow, 23, told NBC4 she was trying to buy a money order for her rent at Canyon Market at 18257 Soledad Canyon Road Monday.

She said that day held nothing out of the ordinary – she’d done this dozens of times before.

Suddenly, a man rushed up behind her and tried to grab the money on the counter.

She chased him outside and grabbed him, but he managed to break free from her grasp. He escaped in a white Ford Fusion. Incredibly, the clerk managed to hold on to the money.

The Santa Clarita Sheriff's Department confirmed the attempted robbery.

Authorities were searching for the man.

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