Last of Students Hospitalized in Saugus High School Shooting Has Gone Home

Two girls were hospitalized in a shooting that left three classmates dead at the campus north of Los Angeles

The last hospitalized victim of the Saugus High School shooting that left three classmates dead and two others wounded has gone home.

The 15-year-old girl left the hospital late Monday and is recovering at home, the her family said in a statement. The family expressed gratitude for an outpouring of support from friends and the Santa Clarita community.

A wounded 14-year-old girl was released earlier from the hospital.

Doctors said the girls remained in good spirits during treatment, despite their injuries.

"Once we were done, they were both sitting up, smiling and talking," said Dr. Boris H. Borazjani, of Providence Holy Cross Hospital. "They held their composure, despite being shot. And, being shot in the torso is a big deal."

An injured boy was treated and released Thursday.

At a Friday morning news conference, Borazjani called the shooting at the campus of about 2,300 students north of Los Angeles part of an "unacceptable public health problem."

Detectives continue to search for a motive for the killings carried out last Thursday by a boy who had just turned 16 years old. The teen shot himself and later died.

Authorities have said he didn't appear to be linked to any ideology.

The dead were identified as 15-year-old Gracie Anne Muehlberger and 14-year-old Dominic Blackwell. Thousands of people attended a candlelight vigil for the victims at a city park Sunday night.

Gunfire began Thursday around 7:30 a.m. Authorities estimated that the shooter took just 16 seconds to pull out the weapon, shoot five classmates and then himself. At the time, students were standing around and greeting each other in the large central outdoor area.

Saugus High School students will be allowed back on campus Tuesday for the first time to retrieve belongings. On Wednesday and Thursday, activities are planned for Saugus High students "that involve helping them process, heal and move forward," a school statement said.

Classes will resume for students after the Thanksgiving break on Monday, Dec. 2.

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