Southern California's Trinity Bats Is a Hit With Major League Stars

From creating custom baseball bats for amateurs to big-named players, Trinity Bats, a small business in Fullerton, has created a big name for itself by being recognized as a major supplier for Major League Baseball.

The Southern California shop was almost instantly recognized by the MLB after opening in 2005, having since created bats for hundreds of players.

The shop provides three types of wood for players to choose from - maple, birch or ash. Each bat starts off as a wooden cylinder and then is carefully created into a sturdy tool that accompanies both amateur and professional players throughout the season.

Each bat is intricately crafted and shaped by a machine. Once shaped, the baseball bats are then hand-sanded and spray painted to the players' liking.

"This is history being made here," owner Steve McKee said. "We're very excited."

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